Our 2013 Curriculum Lot 

 I know, I know, this is a late post. I do have excuses, but I won't go into them (excuses are lame, right?). 
But, I am here now, so without further ado...Here we go!

Today I am sharing with you our curriculum lot. 
I now have two children in 7th and one in 4th.
We had a very uneventful school year last year, due to a lot of health issues.
The year before..well.. let's just say it was trying. 
I decided this year that we would go back to MFW .
 I wanted to get back to a fully biblical curriculum
I wanted to have everyone studying one topic. 
I love the many styles of homeschool, except traditional. 
My children highly dislike traditional, which makes it bad for me.
But , I like all the other styles. 
The style that fits my home the most is more of an ecclectic style.
We mix up some classical, with a bit of Charlotte Mason, and a tiny dash of unschooling. 
We really like this mixture of styles.
My Fathers World gives us at least two of those styles, Classical and Charlotte Mason .
The unschooling one is all up to what I throw in (Life Lessons).
So far our school days have been a bit longer, but we are enjoying ourselves. 
The children and I love the biblical stories, Kelaiah even said she wants to be a missionary.
That's something to keep in prayer about.
Elijah hasn't been angry with his math book yet, so that's a plus!
And Hannah is doing much better at spelling and reading this year. 
Like I said, so far, so good!
Anyway, back to what we picked for this year.
Like I said I went back to, MFW. 
I wanted to focus on missions and people around the world. 
So I chose ,
 We bought the deluxe package and the ECC, 7 & 8th grade supplements
I am so glad I did too, it has been awesome!

We are also planning Rosetta Stone, Spanish (Latin America) , but someone had borrowed it and we haven't picked it up yet.
We are still using the , Memoria Press, Latin though.

For penmanship I am using , Calligraphy for kids
The children love that book.

For spelling we do, Spelling Power.

The MFW curriculum came with readers, but it recommends you read other books too, so I added some.  
I have a decent sized library at home, an i-pad with Nook and Kindle books on it, and friends that I swap with.

Some of the organizations that I have chosen to use for resources are, Gospel for Asia ,     Voice of the Martyrs ,One Mission Society ,   
and a book by Moses Paulose, Missionary Challenge, Body of Christ Ministries .
We also have a child in India through, Compassion International that we write to.

Other than the Bible study that comes with MFW, we use, Narrow Way  (I love this book). Also, if you are looking for a wonderful, free devotional, a friend of mine wrote a nice one that goes through the fruits of the spirit. Her links here Notes from the Parsonage, Fruits of the Spirit devotional .

We also add Hymns and Praise songs to our morning study.

And we have our music lessons on Mondays.

Monday is also our Martial Arts day at, Breakthrough Martial Arts .

Now here are the pictures of  most of what we have. 
This does not include all the art supplies, the keyboard, notebooks, nature guides and journals, etc. Just the basics. 

Thank you all for stopping by, God Bless! :c)

Jekyll Field Trip

While at Jekyll , we decided to take the children on a little field trip to the Sea Turtle Center. It was such a fun, and educational experience. 
This skeleton is of a giant extinct sea turtle , called an Archelon.

  This is a little female logger head that they had in a tank.

she was very interested in Elijah.

 They had a window where you could watch the vets take care of any injured turtles.
 Here, one young man was studying a box shell, while the head vet and his assistant took care of a Terrapin that got hit by a car.
 Kelaiah is standing next to the skeleton of an alligator snapping turtle.
 The exhibits were fun, educational, and best of all, hands on.

Next, we went over to the rehabilitation center to visit the patients.

 On the way out we noticed a giant turtle skull, and we just had to take a picture.

After the Sea Turtle Center, we headed over to Tidelands Nature Center.
The children thought the metal model of the North Atlantic Right Whale was cool.

They even caught a few crabs before we entered.

 After harassing the crabs for a bit, we headed inside to see what animals are native to this area.
We were even allowed to touch some of them.

 This is a snakes skeleton, cool huh?

 Aren't the baby gators so cute?
 Terrapins are actually nesting right now.
 This gopher turtle was not in the mood for kids.
 so cute!

 We even saw some fish common to the area, and a little smooth nose shark.
 Another family favorite, is the hermit crab. These little guys/gals are fun to catch and release.
This crab was in the touch tank...seriously!

 Look a horse shoe crab!

 Elijah tormented this crab for about 30 minutes trying to touch it, but he never won the chance.

We really enjoyed our stay at Jekyll , and can't wait to go back.

If you are going that way, I recommend stopping by one, or both of these locations.