Monday, April 30, 2012

Hannah's Shabby Chic Ballet & Tea Party

Hello blog world! After my looooooong absence, I decided I would post on something I adore more than anything in the whole world. What is that, you say? Well, my children of course! My recent event is on my daughter Hannah's 8th birthday. Hannah is starting ballet this summer, so I thought why not give her a little taste to start her off. After much research, I decided on the Rockmart Dance Academy, in Rockmart, GA. Tara Rainwater is the instructor, and she is so good at what she does. If you live in or around this area, I would recommend you look her up.

 The Party was a few weeks later than Hannah's actual birthday, which was on Easter Sunday, but Hannah didn't mind. It was so much fun watching the girls spin, twirl, shimmy, and shake. They were so patient getting their hair and stage makeup done. They looked so adorable! I believe this party was the most fun I have had in a long time. It was definitely a stress free event.

 The cupcake & sandwich stands were ordered from Fancy Flours , as were the pink yum yum napkins, the desert plates and the tea cup center piece.
 The pom pom wands were a gift from the studio, made by a mom that attends there.
The cupcakes were made by  A Sweet Life Bakery in Dallas, GA. And let me tell you they were sooooooooo good!
The table cloth was made by a friend of mine for her daughters birthday, so I borrowed them.
 And The invitations were made by A Fanciful Twist.
The tea cups may look like porcelain , but they are actually made of hard plastic, found at the web site  Enjoying Tea.
 The plastic princess cups, rock candy, lip whistles, candy necklaces, and flavored syrups were from Amazon.
The favor bags came from etsy shop Bella Dee by Lauren
The blooming candle came from the ebay store The Monkey King.
 The feather boas were from etsy store  Pegasus 22.
Hannah's tutu was from etsy shop  AngelBabes.
And the rest was made by me...I had a lot of fun making everything too.

 I had so much help with this party, from the decorating to the pictures, and
I truly appreciated it all.

I especially appreciated the help from my sister Erika, without her this party wouldn't have even been possible.

 Oh, back to pictures.. We passed the camera around, so not one person can be credited for them (My hubby Lewis, My friend Zoie Prince, and myself.). Also, there are more pictures are on there way , they were taken by the lovely and talented Miss Candace Prince ( I will post those later.)... I edited these pictures on PicMonkey. I hope you enjoy them! :c)