Trim Healthy Mama, Book Review 

     Hello everyone!  I hope you are all having a blessed day today!
     I am here to tell you about an amazing book that a friend of 
mine introduced to me. The book is called, "Trim Healthy Mama." 
     It is written by two sisters, Serene Allison & Pearl Barret. 
  You may have heard of them from the ministry, Above Rubies  . 
Their mother, Nancy Campbell is the head of the A.R. women's ministry. She is an author of a few books on child birth and marriage. And she edits the A.R. magazine, etc.  Yes, she is pretty amazing! Serene and Pearl have been studying health for years, and came up with a plan that involves all the food groups. A plan that is both Biblical ,and scientifically proven in it's facts. I normally ignore things like this, but since it came from a trusted source and a ministry I believe in, I gave it a shot. I am so glad I did, too! This
book is not only chock full of great information, but it's also full of 
yummy ,easy recipes, scriptures, encouragement, and fun sisterly humor. But the best part of all is, it works! I have already lost 13 pounds and I have only been on it for a few weeks. Another great thing is, you are not starving. One of the reasons I gave up on diets was because I felt like I was starving. I also hate giving up yummy foods, such as chocolate. Nope!  I can have chocolate!  I can have steak!  I can even have coffee!  YIPPIE!  I love this plan! It is so easy and free. Now , you may be wondering, what exactly is it about? Well, that's easy! It's based on the glycemic index. More protein, lower carbs...simple carbs.  Stevia is the sweetener of choice, but there's also xylitol, erythritol, swerve, etc. I ick to Stevia because it is more natural. Yes, I know Stevia has a bad rap on causing infertility . They cover that in the book & I did my own research as well.. Stevia and infertility. 
I am a research fanatic, so I double check things to make sure it 
is correct. This book has so many facts, I have a field day!
This book doesn't only speak about healthy eating. 
It also goes into marital health, and hormones. Also men have tried this plan (Yes, I said men) and they love it.
My man has put a little of it into his diet, too!
See, it's not just for us ladies.  Awesome Sauce!!
Maybe they should change the name to, the Trim&Healthy plan!
Anywho...As you can see, I LOVE THIS BOOK!
And I highly recommend it. 
Now there is one down side , the book is a bit costly.
 Around $35.00. It does have over 600 pages though, so it's not a flimsy book. And all of those pages are full of wonderful things. 
I, myself, believe it is worth the amount you pay. You get payed back so much more in full. But, don't just take my word for it. 
Research on your own. And then, if you do decided that it is what you want to do, you can order the book online @ the Above Rubies website above, The THM website, or on Amazon. 
You will not regret it.
       I am not being paid for this review, nor was I asked to do it.

                                Charlie The Ranch Dog
 Charlie is a story about the author, Ree Drummond's dog, Charlie...  pretty obvious, huh?
Charlie is a floppy eared pooch with a love for bacon and naps. His best friend, Susie , a jack russel terrier, is full of energy and bounce, while Charlie, well.. he tries. I bought this book,  cause I am a huge fan of Ree, which you will see in some of my other post. My youngest daughter absolutely fell in love with Charlie, she giggled through the whole story. She has also re-read the book about 4 times now , and still can't get enough of it.
Which means the book has passed the kid test with flying colors. The pictures in this book are so cute, full of rich colors, and life like characters. If you have a child ;grandchild; niece; nephew; or any other children in your life, then I highly recommend this book. If you have this book then keep your eyes peeled for the next edition, "Charlie and the Christmas kitty," coming in September. (Even if you don't have the first book, look for the next one.) This book is sure to warm your heart , and bring a smile to your face. It truly is a must have for every child's library.


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