I was going through my library , and found some books that have only been read once, if that. As I searched I found a nice new Columbus book for kids, and seeing that we just celebrated Columbus Day, I thought it would be a good book to give away. So this weeks give away is, "A Picture Book of Christopher Columbus," written by David A. Adler.
This book is still new, it's just not brand new. 
Gr 1-3-- Adler includes all the important information about this explorer's early life and later achievements, but his writing style is a bit drier than in the other series entries. He mentions that Columbus's men were cruel to the Indians in his absence and consequently were killed, but otherwise does not convey much sense of the danger involved in the voyages or give many clues to Columbus's character or personality. The Wallners' illustrations, as in the earlier biographies, are framed watercolors that surround the text. They offer a delightful look at Renaissance dress and housing and add immeasurably to the spare text. A list of important dates is appended, and a map of the first voyage is included. Both the text and the illustrations are superior to Robert Young's Christopher Columbus (Silver Pr, 1990), which relies heavily on fictionalized dialogue. There are many books about Columbus appearing at this time, but this title fills the bill for those looking for an attractive picture book presentation of the basic facts. --Jean H. Zimmerman, Willett School, South River, NJ

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I will announce a winner next Monday, thank you & God Bless.  : c )


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