Thursday, July 14, 2016

Whoa Webster!

Did you know that you could find the 1828 Websters dictionary, free, online? I sure didn't! I am pretty excited about it! What? You don't get excited about old dictionaries being online? Did I mention it was free? I bet you're excited now, huh? No? Well, I am sure somebody is as word nerdy as I am . I mean it's not the hard copy , I get that! but it's still pretty cool! I now have a new website to play word games with. I am thinking the children are going to be stoked about it as well...Ok, probably not! But , I can at least try. No harm in that, right? Any who, enough of my weird ranting. Here is the link to the website
Go check it out! I think there's an app that goes with it as well. Thanks for stopping by , God Bless!

A song for My King and Father

I close my eyes and see your face
All I can say is you are beautiful
You are beautiful

 The thought of you
makes me feel like singing
The joy you give
makes me feel like dancing

You oh Lord
are my sal va tion
You my King
You are so good

There is no one
No One
Like You

You are my God
and I am
so in love with you

You're my King
You speak life
You lift me higher
lift me higher
on your wings

You bring Hope
You are Love
You bring joy and peace and rest

You are all I want
You are all I need
You are everything to me

I will never stop singing
I will never stop singing your praises

I will never stop shouting
I will never stop shouting
your name

You are the King of Kings.
Lord of All
You are
My Father

-Audrey Brookshire

When God Calls Your Name.

When God Calls Your Name
Do You Answer
Do You Say
Here I am, Lord
Will You Guide Me
Lead Me Down The Narrow Way.

When God Calls Your Name
Do You Hide
Your Face From Him
Do You Cower
Do You Bellow
Living in a life of sin.

When God Calls Your Name
Run To Him
Arms Open Wide
Trust And Know
He'll always be there
Never Leaving Your Side.

- Audrey Brookshire