Thursday, June 7, 2012

Birthday morning wake up

After a horrible two days of dealing with a major sinus headache, my family let me sleep in. Of course that might have to do with it being my birthday today, instead of sympathy for my head, either way, it was nice.
 At around 8:30 am , my youngest daughter came into the room and kissed me saying, "mommy wake up, we have something special for you." I kind of had a clue, but it's better not to say anything and go with it. I dragged myself out of bed and into the dining room where I was met by a sweet site.

 The girls made me breakfast, it tasted really good too! I guess another gift from them would be showing me that, through all the kitchen hours we spend together, they have been paying attention to more than I expected.  Things like this always make a mother proud. The eggs were cooked perfectly to my liking, the sausage was done, no pinkness what so ever, the iced coffee was so yummy,  and the toast , as you can see, was a nice golden brown. Yes, I feel very proud of my girls accomplishments this morning. Glad to know that they won't starve when I'm not around.

After breakfast they lead me over to the fire place , where two bags of handmade gifts were sitting. I love handmade gifts, don't you? ( I didn't get any pictures of those. I do apologize.)

Yes, I would say I am a rich woman with many blessings in my life. The best gift I have ever received were my children. I thank God everyday for them. (Even on days when I'm tempted to hide behind a locked closet door.)