Tuesday, August 13, 2013

"I Am A Mother And I Have A Purpose!"

As I was reading ,Day 21, in my devotional this morning.
100 Days of Blessing, written by Nancy Campbell.
I was greatly encouraged.  I thought to myself,  every mother should read this.
So, I decided to share...

The chapter is on Jesus delighting in His fathers will, and confessing His life purpose.
 She say's that "as mothers we should delight in our calling, confess out loud and affirm our purpose, even as Jesus did." We should not hide or be ashamed of what God has called us to be. 
We should be proud. Don't let the world make you feel like you are less because you
 choose to follow God's calling, and embrace being a mother. 
Mrs.Campbell wrote the following, to help us mothers, confess and affirm our purpose.

" I am not languishing. I am not floundering. I am not deceived. I have a vision. I know who I am and who God created me to be. I know my purpose. I have direction. I know God's mandate for my life. 
I am walking in the perfect will of God. I know it's not easy. I know it's hard. But I've counted the cost. My goal is set. How could my career be easy when I am impacting this nation for God?
Also the generations to come! And eternity! How can it be easy when I am destroying the plans of the devil? Such is the power of my God-ordained career, the highest calling ever given to women - motherhood! I have embraced my calling. I am not intimidated by antagonists. I will not be moved. My heart is fixed. I may be hidden in my home, but look out world! I am sharpening and polishing my arrorws. I am getting them ready to shoot forth and destroy the works of the enemy. In the power and anointing of God I am advancing His kingdom! " 

"My Goal And Purpose"
P- Passionately mothering!
U- Unflinchingly keeping my eyes on the goal!
R- Regularly and richly imparting God's word to my children!
P- Praying constantly with my heart always looking to the Lord!
O- Ordering and managing my home with diligence!
S- Saturating my husband and children with love and encouragement.
E- Embracing and nurturing the children God is giving to me.

Prayer: "Dear Father, please help me to not only do and delight in your high calling for my life, but to finish my task. I want to daily affirm it before you, my family, and others. Amen."