Monday, October 17, 2011

Florida Trip: Animals

                                We had a great time in Florida. Four days of fun in the sun. It was nice!
                                        We went fishing, played putt putt, swam, and just relaxed . 
                                         I took over 300 photos, but thought that might be a bit much,
                                         so I decided I would post the animal encounter pictures.
                             Before we got into the state of Florida, we stopped at a gas station.
                 There was a fence behind the station, and behind the fence were some Aligators.
                                                                           Creepy huh?

                                                       There was also a crane catching fish.
                                            This crab was our first encounter in the sunshine state.
                                                 They were all over the shoreline of the beach.
                                           It was funny watching the kids try to catch these things.
                              Of course, it's so sunny and beautiful, that butterflies were everywhere.
                                  Hannah rescued this one from the waves crashing into the beach.
                                    Kelaiah went fishing with her daddy, and caught a few red fish.
                               We only do catch and release, so this fish lived to tell it's tale of survival.

                                       This man had a more convenient way to catch fish though.
                                       A guy on the beach let the children feed the gulls with him.
 The sea gulls were hoping that I would have some food for them as well, but I only had my camera.

                                           Here's another Alligator that was behind an opened fence.
                                         My husband snuck up behind it to get a few close up shots.

                              We always search the waters for hermit crabs, when we visit a beach.
                                                          They are just too cute, to pass up.

                                            The children usually meet new friends everywhere we go.
                                            Kelaiah met a furry friend at the beach on our second day.
                                                       He was very sweet, and  loved the water.
                                                       Mediterranean Geckos were everywhere.
                                                                 We caught tons of them.
                                               At one point my husband decided to keep a big one,
                                                     but he felt bad, because it's a wild animal.
                                           so he released it. They were fast, fiesty and very cute.

I have never seen a flounder in the wild.
I've seen them on tv, and in pictures,
but never in the wild. They are pretty neat looking
fish, very well camouflaged too. 
Seeing it made me think of finding Nemo.
"where'd you go"

                        This pelican was floating close to the children, so they tried to get closer.
                                        The pelican kept swimming away , and then decided,
                                   since they wouldn't stop following him, that he'd just fly away.
 This picture is not of an animal, but it has something to do with one. Elijah bought some gator jerky before we left , he thought it was very tasty...I'll just take his word for it. 

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  1. So glad to have stumble upon your blog! I have never been to Florida, but sorely miss the West Coast oceans. What beautiful pictures to remind me of home. Thank yoU!
    Ps. I totally love tattoos but my dh doesn't :) Good for you for embracing that Christian homeschooling moms ROCk