Saturday, October 1, 2011

National Night Out 2011

This is our second time attending, and we love it. The children, especially Elijah, love to see  our hero's geared up with all their toys. They also give out free food, drinks, and snacks, not that that's important, I just found it to be thoughtful... We enjoyed the bomb retrieving robot, the fire safety trailer, and the swat van (well everything). We also looked at the new equipment used by our officers, to catch the bad guys. They have some cool stuff! Oh, and the helicopter was, of course, a big hit... I think Elijah may have ruined alot of expensive equipment ,with his drool, but they didn't seem to mind. This is a great way to celebrate Americas Hero's, and to let children see who they truly are ( not big scary monsters) ,and what they do. They were all a bunch of great guys/gals . I am so very thankful for them.

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