Thursday, July 14, 2016

Whoa Webster!

Did you know that you could find the 1828 Websters dictionary, free, online? I sure didn't! I am pretty excited about it! What? You don't get excited about old dictionaries being online? Did I mention it was free? I bet you're excited now, huh? No? Well, I am sure somebody is as word nerdy as I am . I mean it's not the hard copy , I get that! but it's still pretty cool! I now have a new website to play word games with. I am thinking the children are going to be stoked about it as well...Ok, probably not! But , I can at least try. No harm in that, right? Any who, enough of my weird ranting. Here is the link to the website
Go check it out! I think there's an app that goes with it as well. Thanks for stopping by , God Bless!

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