Friday, September 9, 2011

BookSneeze, Please.

If you are a book lover, a blogger, and you enjoy writing reviews, well then you're going to love this. 
It's called BookSneeze   .
I know, you're wondering what in the world is BookSneeze?
Well, to put it plainly BookSneeze is a website for book loving bloggers to go to, to get free books and review them. Just sign up, pick your book, and when you receive it , you just , well , read it and review it. When you're done you pick another book. It's that easy. But you must be a blogger to get in on all the fun. What not convinced yet?
Here are six more reasons why you should check it out.
1. Sign up is free.
2. The books and shipping are free.
3. You get to choose the books you want to read .
4. You get to read, review, and  then get another book when you're finished.
5.You get to spread the word to others, about whether or not a book is worth reading. To me that is worth alot.
6. Did I mention it's free?
So, what are you waiting for? click on the link, grab a book, and get to blogging... You know you want to! 
 Oh, by the way, have a blessed day!  : c )

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