Monday, September 26, 2011

Food Science

Food and science go great together.   It's always fun, especially when you're allowed to eat it.
We did a few projects recently, and two of them were edible, which made the kids very happy.  Our first project was mummifying apples. And, as you may have guessed already, we didn't eat these.
                                  All we did was cut an apple in fourths.
We put  two of those fourths into separate bowls, pour baking soda, and salt in one bowl, and left the other bowl alone.

Then we put the bowls in a window for a week. After our week was over we checked to see the difference.

We were shocked to find that the covered apples actually looked older than the uncovered apples, but they were well preserved.

That was cool, but our next project was even better. We made an edible cell out of jello and candy. YUM!
(I of course would have rather had jello with fruit, but the kit came with candy, so that's what we used.)
                Once our jello (cytoplasm) was set, we started adding the goodies.
                      We put a slit in the jello to make adding the organelles easier.
                Kelaiah happily put in the Nucleus (gum ball)
                              Elijah put in the mighty mitochondria. (jelly bean)
                              Hannah added the golgi bodies (smarties)

                      Then we added the endoplasmic reticulum (fruit roll ups)
                               And to that we added the ribosomes. (nerds)
                        And the last thing we added were the centrioles. (cake sprinkles)
Of course the best was was when they got to eat it. Although Hannah decided that she didn't like jello , she said she felt like she was eating brains, cause it was jiggly and slimy. lol

Well our next project made Hannah very happy. We made an edible DNA , using red licorice and mini marshmallows.
                                      Here's Kelaiah holding the DNA back bone.
                             Hannah linking up the DNA with a chemical base.

                                               Kelaiah's link.
                             Elijah working on his DNA ladder.
                                   Finished ladder
                                              Elijah's DNA.
                           Kelaiah is ready to eat her DNA.
               The children standing in front of the chemical base formula.
                                    Time to eat!

  After we finished each one, we wrote everything we learned, down in our science notebooks.

Well I hope you enjoyed reading about our food projects. If you have any questions or tips, please leave a comment below. I hope to hear from you soon, GOD Bless!  : c )

Note: These ideas are not my own, the first two came from" Apologia's -Exploring Creation with Anatomy." The third project , I found on  The Happy Housewife blog .

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